10 Things to Do with Diet Coke and Mentos

2 liter bottles work best, but if you want to use the cans instead, you go for it, champ.

  1. Craft an annoying gun of some sort that you can use one time.
  2. Create a rocket powered skateboard for a new, innovative way to hurt yourself.
  3. Freeze the Mentos in ice cubes and prank someone by putting them in their diet cola of choice.
  4. Attempt to take a small frog on a voyage with a rocket powered boat. (The frog is optional but it's more fun that way.)
  5. If you have a enough money lying around, spend it so you can put a Mentos bikini on and take a Diet Coke bath.
  6. Use it as a fire extinguisher that will end up betraying you during a time you really need it.
  7. Protest freedom in your household with an anti-housecleaning grenade.
  8. Diet Pong: It's like beer pong except with Diet Coke instead of beer and Mentos instead of ping pong balls.
  9. If you're still okay, you could give rocket boots a try, possibly to use in along with the gun and grenade ideas.
  10. Complain to corporate that their products contain too many dangerous chemicals.

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