16 Lazy Ways to Get Exercise While Sitting

16 Lazy Ways to Get Exercise While SittingNone of these have been approved by professional trainers, but it beats having to get up.
  1. Sit up straight. That'll put you in the upper half of fitness these days.
  2. Lift your legs up and down. The whole leg. Not just the thigh part.
  3. Tap your feet a lot, unless you have loud shoes.
  4. Armpit farts. They're actually good for the triceps.
  5. Press the keyboard keys down extra hard to gain finger strength.
  6. Do jumping jacks but without the jumping, just the arm waving part.
  7. Do some bicep curls, using the heaviest small object you have as the dumbbell.
  8. Put your drink really far away from you so you're forced to do some stretches.
  9. Push yourself up with your arms as if you're about to get up, but then sit back down.
  10. Rock back and forth in your chair. Caution: May cause you to fall and lose respect from others.
  11. Flex your butt, one side at a time. You may be questioned. Embrace it.
  12. If you have a rolly chair, roll your way to the nearest kitchen or food cabinet.
  13. Or just spin around in circles.
  14. Try to turn your head around like an owl, fail, then try it again the other way. Not sure if this is really an exercise, but it's something to do regardless.
  15. Continuously nod your head in response to things people tell you. Technically it burns calories.
  16. Shrug your shoulders a whole bunch of times every day, so that your shoulders get really buff. Then when people ask how you did it, you can just shrug.