25 Fun Things to Do During Quarantine

25 Fun Things to Do During QuarantineStill stuck at home during the coronavirus lockdown? Here are some activities!
  1. Watch the first minute of 10 different movies and see which one has the best first minute.
  2. Think of a word. No seriously do it, think of a word. Now try and sound it out backwards. Do that with a bunch of different words!
  3. Make a collage out of people's faces in old magazines.
  4. Put a T.V. show on, then mute it and try to guess what they are saying (or just sit there watching a muted show).
  5. Redecorate your room so it's exactly the same but mirrored.
  6. Type the phrase "I think there is something wrong with my messages." into an online language translator and flip the translation back and forth.
  7. Pet your cat, if you have a cat. Otherwise just sit there wishing you had a cat to pet, because that would be nice.
  8. Move a zipper on something up and down really fast so you sound like a DJ.
  9. Have a full conversation by yourself contemplating why we call this yellow crescent shaped food a "banana".
  10. Grab a cardboard box and decorate it like a car or something. Cut out a door that can open and close. Have fun and get creative!
  11. With your eyes closed, attempt to walk to your bedroom without bumping into things to see how well you know your house or apartment!
  12. Sing the most annoying song you can think of in the mirror while making weird/ugly faces. It's good for stress relief.
  13. Search up the significance of what your recent dreams have been about. For example, "Why was there cheese in my dream?"
  14. Search up other questions that you have been dying to know, but haven't had time to search up, like "Why is the sky blue?" or "Who thought that darts would be a safe game for drunk people to play in bars?"
  15. If you have a dog, go outside of your house for 5 seconds then walk back again to see how happy they are to see you.
  16. Try to find a new pattern of the alphabet, such as "qwaszxopklnmerdfcvbrtfyugh", then try to sing the new version.
  17. Learn how to make an origami walrus. The world could use more.
  18. Paint your toe nails the worst possible color so that when it starts wearing off it'll start looking better.
  19. Send a screenshot from a show to friend who doesn't know the show and make them describe what they think is happening.
  20. Bake one huge giant cookie in a pizza pan. That way you can eat all of it and still say you only had one cookie.
  21. Invent a new type of pizza, like cantaloupe pizza or whatever. Not that one though because it's not very good.
  22. Write a song parody. For example, you could sing "I tried to pet you, then you went crazy, oh what a bummer, now I have rabies." to the tune of Call Me Maybe.
  23. Put a sign at the front of your house that says "free sign" and see how long it will take for someone to take the sign.
  24. Type the middle auto-complete option on your phone to create a run-on sentence that makes no sense, then send it to people and see what they reply with.
  25. Look at boring videos on the internet and say to yourself, "I can do a video way better than these people." Then do it.
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