28 Ideas for Cool Things to Draw

Prepare your 96 pack of crayons.

  1. A bird that's also a plane
  2. Batman's birthday party
  3. The floor if it was actually lava
  4. Gnomes at school
  5. Fish having a bike race
  6. A hurricane full of tornadoes
  7. A prediction of what you think you'll look like in 5 years
  8. A prediction of what you think people will look like in 5 million years
  9. Judgmental caterpillars
  10. The most purple thing in the universe
  11. Harry Potter if he accidentally turned himself into an onion
  12. An angry slice of bacon
  13. You drawing a picture (so meta)
  14. A butt with just 5 lines
  15. An eagle using a parachute
  16. A barrel doing a barrel roll
  17. An escalator going to space
  18. Unicorn cats, like in the image above
  19. A guy with an afro that's on fire
  20. An entire page full of just one letter of the alphabet
  21. A very, very, very detailed potato
  22. A bored skeleton on a throne
  23. Platypuses dive-bombing people
  24. Donald Trump playing a trumpet
  25. A really tiny bunny
  26. A triacontakaiheptagon (shape with 37 sides)
  27. Birds and bees fighting each other in great battle
  28. 100 versions of smileys (JUST smiling ones :D)

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