Things to Do with "body"

If your on a school bus yell at everybody you see from out the window.

I can tangibly measure how pretentious somebody is by adding up how many words there are in their Starbucks order.

I hate it when I have the right answer but everybody around me is getting it wrong and the teacher assumes nobody get it.

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Disclaimer: Inhaling things other than oxygen is usually a bad idea.

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Wait in an elevator, when somebody else comes in say: So, we meet again...

What if when you die your conscience never leaves your body so whatever happens to your corpse you are always present to experience.

Text somebody to meet you at a location and say that you need them to help you bury your pet dragon.

Everybody says that the big bang was at the begining and caused itself but what caused the big bang to cause itself.

Make a tiny village in your front lawn and when somebody walks by pretend to be a giant and destroy it.

Use a banana as a phone. When someone walks by you talk into the banana and say, "I hid the body, now what?"

When walking in the mall, trip and fall. As you stand up, look someone nearest to you in the eye and tell them it has been a while since you have inhabited a human body.

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