Things to Do with "burger"

Try to eat a hamburger upside down.

Go to Burger King at the counter and ask for a happy meal.

Go to a hamburger place and order a pizza.

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Go out in public with your Best Friend, get something at McDonald's, and eat the food and then take a thing of dog shit and wrap it in the burger wrapper and ask someone if they want a free cheeseburger!

Go into a library and order a burger and fries. When someone responds that you are in a library whisper "can i have a burger and fries."

Go to McDonald's in a cow costume every time someone walks out ask' "Did you just eat a burger?" If they reply yes scream' "YOU AARE DISGRACE TO EVERYONE!!!" If they don't reply just stare at them until they leave

Call Macdonalds and say help I am stuck in one of your toilets and my cheap burger is getting cold.

Buy a hamburger and when the cashier gives it to you say you ordered a hotdog.

Go to a fast food restaurant and order a cheeseburger without the meat, bun, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, and buns. See what you get.

If a cheese burger has no "ham" in it then why does it have ham like a hamburger????🍔

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