Things to Do with "chair"

go to someone desk and pull there chair away so they fall.

When someone says, "grab a seat" literally grab a chair and walk out of the room.

Sit in the middle of a neighborhood street in a lawn chair reading a news paper, if a car comes by wait for it to honk at you then stare at it. (Bonus: pull out a air horn and honk back at it)

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Get a rolling chair and roll down your street and scream get of my lawn.

Put a blowhorn under the teacher's chair so when she sits down...

Find a ton of pillows and put them in one chair, then make a secret hole and hide in it.

Take pictures of your house. Spin around on a chair for a few seconds then try to draw your house in 30 seconds. No erasers allowed.

When the teacher is not in the room stand in your chair.

Pile blankets and pillows on the ground to make a comfy landing for jumping off something like your couch or a chair.

Jump in the chair with out your arms. It helps your legs I guess.

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