Random Things to Do in an Elevator

go in a crowded elevator with no music, and then hum your own elevator music.

If your in a elevator with your mum say we're falling to lava 😂😂😂😂.

When ur in and elevator full of people yell ur favorite movie quote then scream "WHO POPPED MY BALLOON" and scream random weird stuff until u get to ur floor and press all the buttons before u get off and see the anger haha.

Stand in an elevator. Whenever someone comes in, say: "I have new socks on today."

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sit in a corner of the elevator and when someone comes in look around like your confused and lost.

Put a cardboard box in the corner of an elevator and when someone comes in say "can you hear that ticking" and see what happens.

Set up a tent in an elevator and act like you are camping.

Go into an elevator with a piece of chalk, draw a square in the corner and declare it 'your space'. Hiss at anyone who goes inside the square.

Go into a full elevator, press all the buttons and get out before the doors close.

If the store has an elevator, bring a desk in it and ask people if they have an appointment.


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