Things to Do with "hate"

I hate passing someone in the street and realising they weren't as slow as you thought they were...and then the next 10 minutes are spent ensuring you keep ahead of them no matter the pace because god forbid you may be re-overtaken!

I hate when people correct my grammar even though I am always the first person to point it out to others.

I hate the phrase "life is too short" because life is literally the longest thing you'll ever experience.

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Go up to people with a rock with the word 'me' on it and say "i hate me." Then hand the rock to them while walking away like nothing happened

Is it just me, or are the people who claim they hate drama actually the most dramatic people I know?

Don't you hate it when you are doing something interesting but you really have to pee?

I hate when basically out of nowhere, a memory you wish you could have deleted comes to mind and it makes you feel embarrassed, guilty, or hurt all over again.

I hate it when I use the service elevator because it's closer to my apartment, and there's someone actually using it. I feel like I've been caught doing something wrong.

I hate the phrase "Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations" because school is a difficult road and the destination it leads you to is adulthood. And paying taxes isn't pretty.

Ask someone what their favorite movie/show is then yell "OMG I HATE THAT ONE!".

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