How to Save Up to 3 Hours of Time or More

Simple science.

  1. 5 Seconds or Less
    Stop reading this statement right NOW. You didn't listen. You ruined your only chance.
  2. 5-20 Seconds
    Walk slightly faster on your way to the fridge. Maybe also figure out what you want before you get over there.
  3. 20 Seconds - 1 Minute
    Cut through somebody's yard. If it wasn't okay they would have put up a fence, clearly.
  4. 1 - 5 Minutes
    Keep skipping the opening theme song to your favorite T.V. show if you can. It's not even that good.

    5 - 20 Minutes
    Drink less. Pee less. Time saved. Simple science.
  5. 20 Minutes - 1 Hour
    Skip lunch and cut calories. It's a healthy way to a better life.

    1 - 3 Hours
    Lose out on some sleep. You're probably oversleeping anyway. Or at least skip the "laying in bed but not sleeping" part, which is stupid.
  6. 3 Hours or More
    Try flossing! It's apparently known to lengthen your lifespan quite a bit.

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