Meta Things to Do

If you drop a bar of soap on the ground, is the ground clean or the soap dirty? Press the tick if you think that the soap is dirty or if this made you think.☺

Make a list of goals that you want to accomplish and actually do them.

Go to Google Translate. Type in "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaay aaaaaaaaaaaaaaay aaaaaaaaaaaaaaay." Press the speaker button and laugh uncontrollably. - Andrew H.

To Do Lists

25 Hilarious McDonald's Pranks
A lot of these also work for Burger King or Wendy's, if you have one of those instead of a McDonald's.

18 Dumb Things to Do at Walmart
Cheap prices and cheap entertainment.

10 Things to Do with Diet Coke and Mentos
2 liter bottles work best, but if you want to use the cans instead, you go for it, champ.

Random Game Button

Go drive somewhere and roll down the windows and play classical music REALLY loudly and pretend to be rocking to it like it is a rock and roll song or a heavy metal and watch people look at you like you're crazy!

Play truth or dare with a friend. Dare them to do the craziest thing you can find on this website.

Waste your precious time on this website, wondering why people are even allowed to exist.

If you made it this far. congratulate yourself.

Try to count how many of these ideas have been added more than once.

When teacher says a metaphorical saying (for example it's raining cats and dogs) make out that you think it's really happening(in this case run to the window and start looking).

Add more rating buttons for this site: "Pointless", "Stupid", "Impolite", and "Mentally Ill".

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