Random Rejected Things

Ask random people "have I seen you before?" and start a whole conversation with them.

Call somebody and say ur food made me fart and laugh.

google questions you have. for example: why is sand call sand? why are people so weird? am i secretly a spy?

To Do Lists

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go to Walmart and ask the cashier how much they get paid and when they say how much they get paid shake your head dramaticly and say tis tis tis.

Get packets of condoms and randomly put them in peoples carts when they aren’t looking.

Get on all fours and follow your pet all around the house. If you're really bored do it at 3 AM!!!!!!

start screaming in a puplic place i killed my pet germ.

run around in circles and eat tacos while you tell yourself jokes because if you are looking up random things to do you are dumb and have no friends #quesilupafor president #tacobellquesolupas #happenedsolongagoicantspellitanymore #lollollol.

before school starts, run around your class acting like a plane.

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