Things to Do with "street"

I hate passing someone in the street and realising they weren't as slow as you thought they were...and then the next 10 minutes are spent ensuring you keep ahead of them no matter the pace because god forbid you may be re-overtaken!

When you have a ton of homework, just grab some books, say to your friends "Sorry, guys. I gotta go hit the books." Make a pile of books and hit them with some random object. Then say to your friends "Let's roll!" and casually roll down the street without getting you clothes dirty. # puns!

Go to a street thug lick his cheek and then say "now your turn!"

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I don't think high schools should have school zones. I mean if you can't cross the street by the time you are in high school you sorta deserve to get hit by a car.

The GPS lady always makes me feel better about myself because she can't pronounce the Spanish street names either.

Play "Eye of the Tiger" to a jogger on the street.

Hand them out to people on the street and scream "Merry Christmas and happy New Year!" in the middle of summer.

Run down the street yelling, “narnia is coming for me”!! 😂

Driver's Ed classes should teach kids how to parallel park while someone in another car is waiting behind them on the street.

Sit in the middle of a neighborhood street in a lawn chair reading a news paper, if a car comes by wait for it to honk at you then stare at it. (Bonus: pull out a air horn and honk back at it)

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