17 Things to Do at School

17 Things to Do at SchoolOther than look at this website, obviously...
  1. When somebody raises their hand, high five them.
  2. Draw a mushroom in the corner of your classroom whiteboard and then see how long it stays there.
  3. During a test, if your teacher walks by, cover up your test and glare suspiciously at them.
  4. Tell your teachers on the first day of school that you aren't allowed to talk to strangers.
  5. Read your book upside down and see if your teacher notices.
  6. Prove a teacher wrong.
  7. If the teacher asks where your homework is, tell them you lost it fighting a kid who said they weren't the best teacher in the school.
  8. If you have a sibling at your school, go up to them and say, "I know where you live..." in a really creepy voice.
  9. When you have a substitute, look at them creepily until they get nervous around you.
  10. Pass a note to a friend in school that says, "This teacher is great!" See what happens.
  11. When the teacher is out of the room, stand up and start teaching!
  12. Switch names with someone on the first day of school and see how long it takes the teacher to find out.
  13. Put nice messages on colorful sticky notes and stick them to some lockers.
  14. When taking a test in class, flip your page REALLY LOUDLY so everyone knows your ahead of them.
  15. Freak your teacher out by getting the whole class to stare at him or her while keeping a straight face and not moving or making any noise.
  16. Go to school early and write on the white board "[Your Name], YOU are the chosen one!" Then leave and enter the class normally like everyone else.
  17. Have everyone in your class stand on their desks and yell "Freedom!" Then charge out on the last day of school when the bell rings.