29 Fun Things to Do with Friends

29 Fun Things to Do with FriendsCrazy ideas that are great for best friends who are really bored. Also they're free!
  1. Cover a trampoline in water and soap, then slide around on it.
  2. Have a contest to see who can stretch their mozzarella stick cheese the farthest.
  3. Go to the zoo and try to guess what all the animals are thinking about.
  4. Go to a restaurant and have everyone order in a different accent.
  5. Have a movie marathon with Disney movies or '80s movies or even '80s Disney movies.
  6. Complete a conversation without breaking eye contact. You are not allowed to look away until the conversation is done.
  7. Have a swivel chair race.
  8. Go to the playground at a park and swing on the swings, as long as you're still young enough for that to not be creepy.
  9. Go into a store and act like spies.
  10. Try on a bunch of clothes with your friends and see who can make the best outfit, silliest outfit, most colorful outfit, etc.
  11. Gather all your old stuff together and have a yard sale. Then split the profits and spend it all on ice cream or something.
  12. Give all of your friends nicknames describing their personalities.
  13. Have a video game tournament to see who's best at first person shooters, fighting games, and Tetris.
  14. Make a scavenger hunt with clues and puzzles and give it to one of your friends to solve and watch them suffer.
  15. Go to your friend's house at midnight and make pancakes with them.
  16. Fill up balloons with (hopefully non-toxic) paint and have a war.
  17. Go to a clothing store and have a contest on who can put together the ugliest outfit.
  18. Compare all your friends to animals and decide which each one is.
  19. Wear a blindfold, and do your friend's makeup.
  20. Have a pool party without a pool. Everyone can just sit in the living room with swim suits and goggles.
  21. Tie pillows around your stomach and back and have a sumo wrestling tournament.
  22. Dress as Pac-Man, get 4 friends dressed up as ghosts, and play tag in a public place.
  23. Go to a store and buy only three things and see who can creep the cashier out the most with them.
  24. With 3 other people, get some helium and start singing like the chipmunks at random places.
  25. Have a pick up line battle.
  26. Make zebra noises, whatever those are. Zebras are silly.
  27. Go to a bowling alley but do everything but bowl.
  28. Play checkers on one of those picnic blankets that looks like checkers.
  29. Hang out in an elevator, wait for people, and never get off.
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