23 Funny YouTube Video Ideas

23 Funny YouTube Video IdeasWow your friends with these unheard of innovations in online video media.
  1. Make half hour long response video to a video that's only 2 seconds long.
  2. Start a vlog about about your dog. It'll be a dog vlog. Heh.
  3. Share opinions about various Pop Tart flavors. Like what's up with those green apple ones?
  4. Do made up challenges, like how many knots you can tie into a string cheese without it breaking.
  5. Make review videos about people's refrigerators. Does anyone really need two different kinds of mayo?
  6. Make a comedy skit about somebody going through a ridiculous amount of effort trying to get their friend to suck a lemon.
  7. Make a dramatic skit about losing your favorite hat because some stupid selfish idiot borrowed it and never gave it back.
  8. Make a TV show pilot about the wonderful things you can do with eggs that don't involve cooking them.
  9. Show off your collection of stamps, marbles, Disney pins, dust, or whatever you collect.
  10. Make a parody of X-men with all your own powers, like walking through walls (but only walls) or being able to see 2 seconds into the future.
  11. Tour your closet; show everyone those pants and other clothes you still have but don't like wearing. Maybe they'll offer to buy them from you.
  12. Tour your hometown. Maybe there are people out there who are dying to know what's really going on in Grafton, Wisconsin.
  13. Make a channel with nothing but intro montages for the channel that never actually lead to anything (except more intros).
  14. Make a reaction video to some footage of birds at a bird feeder. Judge the birds.
  15. Show gameplay footage of you playing hacked versions of Super Mario Bros. or the Legend of Zelda where they change all the images into butts. There's gotta be one of those out there.
  16. Do a speedrun of a game that mostly involves you being really skilled at skipping dialogue and quickly navigating through menus. Hardcore!
  17. Make an in-game comedy skit with Tetris blocks. It'll be tough but there won't be much competition.
  18. Make a tutorial on how to cook kale chips so they taste less like kale and more like something tasty.
  19. Discuss historical figures that nobody usually thinks about, like James K. Polk or MLK Sr.
  20. Do magic tricks involving potatoes. Potatoes can do a lot of cool things.
  21. Talk about the lifestyles of various animals. Like, what have antelopes been up to lately?
  22. Talk about how cool your smart watch or whatever fancy tech thing you got is, and how it makes you better than everybody else.
  23. Make an installation guide for Windows 95. We need an update.