22 Most Boring Things to Do

22 Most Boring Things to DoSome of us are just too excited sometimes.
  1. Stand in line at the post office and keep letting people skip you.
  2. Eat half a bag of plain rice cakes.
  3. Wash a cup.
  4. Stare at your wall. If there is anything on it, take it off, then keep staring.
  5. Go to Walgreens 3 hours before it opens.
  6. Keep checking your wallet to see if money ever magically appears.
  7. Brush your teeth for a really, really long time with a really, really tiny amount of toothpaste.
  8. Neatly fold all of your socks.
  9. Pretend to be a rug.
  10. Clean a floor that's already clean to see if you can make it even more clean.
  11. Take everything in your cupboard and sort it by alphabetical order.
  12. Go to the grocery store just to look. Don't buy anything.
  13. Think about grass growing. Really focus on it.
  14. Paint something with two different shades of gray and see which one dries first.
  15. Listen to white noise on YouTube.
  16. Do your taxes early so you'll have time to help other people with taxes later.
  17. Order some blank sheets of paper online, then keep staring out your window waiting for the delivery to show up.
  18. Walk around looking for what parking spaces you'd most likely park in if you had a car.
  19. Try to break your record for the longest time you've ever been kept on hold. Your call is important to them.
  20. Figure out how to slow down your internet connection. Savor the load times.
  21. Play chess against yourself. You can add your own commentary as long as you do it in your head.
  22. Get stuck in a traffic jam. When you get out of it, try to get back in.