Random Things to Do (When You're Really, Really Bored)

Stick V.I.P or Private on some public toilets.

Tie a piece of string to a 20 dollar bill and leave it on the floor and pull when someone tries to pick it up.

Go to Burger King dressed as Ronald McDonald and demand for a Big Mac and don't leave till you get 1.

Make a popcicle out of toothpaste and water and give it to your neighbor.

To Do Lists

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Throw pancakes at the wall.

I'm so bored. I need a taco. :)

Make funny faces at the people around when you are riding in a car.

Go to your mom and tell her she looks like your mother.

Climb your neighbors tree, and act like Tarzan.

Go into the bathroom and wash your hands multiple times. (Make sure there are other people) Look at someone else with a dead serious face, and wash your hands again.

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