Random Things to Do (When You're Really, Really Bored)

Ask siri how much is 0 ÷0 ☺.

Write on the pavement with chalk outside there house...Then 2 days later if they come out Get a bucket of water and wash the chalk away and walk of like nothing happened

Friends and jerks are the same except you take one seriously and the other one as a joke.

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Roll around Walmart screaming "ITS FASTER IF YOU ROLL" after yell "ROLL FASTER" Then Roll out of the store.

Invite friends/ a friend over and do the whisper challenge.

Text your your friends guess what and when the say what don't reply till 1 hour has passed and say nothing.

There should be some sort of device that instantly makes my bed less comfortable when my alarm goes off in the morning.

Set up a lemonade stand if you're over 20 years old and if you're a boy, than when someone says you're to old for a lemonade stand, start crying and throw a lemon at them.

Go on this website... www.theuselessweb.com... you will never get bored.

That akward moment when you start clapping before everyone else.

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