Random Things to Do (When You're Really, Really Bored)

When I was walking to lunch with a co-worker today, a homeless man asked me for change, so I gave him a couple bucks. As we walked off, my co-worker said, "You know he's just going to spend that on alcohol." Well, yeah, probably. But so was I.

Wave your arms like crazy!

I don't understand why bears get to sleep all winter while we are just here, stuck in the cold.

Go build a nest out of blankets and cloths in a family member's closet and wait for someone to surprise. Remember to make weird noises every five minutes and bring a good book. you could bring a lamp or even some snacks so you don't get board trying to not be board. now go! find a blanket and some snacks before someone sees you, maybe even bring this device with you!

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Find a song your really like, and try to find more songs with the exact same title. Proceed to run it on repeat in your car whilst driving with friends. When someone asks what the song is called, tell them.

On Valentines Day, when you see a couple kissing, hugging, or holding hands, scream, I GAVE YOU EVERY THING AND THIS IS WHAT I GET!? IT IS OVER! Slap him/ her and walk away.

In high school I recall having a beautiful but difficult math teacher. She was easy on the eyes and hard on the pupils!

Sit in your front lawn in a yellow shirt and overalls with toys in front of you and stare at people driving by (works best if you are a grown adult).

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Whenever there's a substitute say your name is JEFF and see if heher thinks thats true.


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