Random Things to Do (When You're Really, Really Bored)

Hide in a cardboard box at the edge of your drive way with a hair dryer, then, when someone walks by, pop out of the box and blow them with the hair dryer.

Have a friend sleep over. Wake up before your friend, put your face really close to theirs, open your eyes really widely, until they wake up.

Thank god for nipples. Without them, boobs would be pointless.

Driver's Ed classes should teach kids how to parallel park while someone in another car is waiting behind them on the street.

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Play dead man in the dark!

Tell people thank you for no reason.

Go around asking people what they like to do at night.

Cook dinner and dessert only using the stuff in your pantry.

How do we know that the world didn't just start right now with us only having memories of our lives.

Sit in someone else's seat and when they tell you to move say we swapped remember.


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