Random Things to Do (When You're Really, Really Bored)

Put up your own puppet show and make your own characters and a story.

Start viciously attacking a stop sign with a newspaper.

Color pictures of weird things.

Give someone a rock and tell them to guard it with their life.

To Do Lists

23 Awful One-Liners to Text Your Enemies
There will always be enough puns to go around.

20 Annoying Questions to Ask Siri
You could also ask these to an actual person, but human contact is a bit overrated.

18 Things to Google
Nothing beats searching for stuff that you were never looking for in the first place.

21 Things to Do While You're Not Wearing Pants
Keep your underwear on, folks. This isn't THAT kind of list.

17 Things to Text
Helpful suggestions on how to successfully get someone to block your number.

Put a peep/marshmallow in the microwave and see how big you can get it without blowing it up.

Dare your friends to tell their guy friend they love them.

Yawn, now.

Laugh creepily.

Dump buckets of water on the floor and slide on it with your under.


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