Random Things to Do Outside

Stand outside Banana republic in a banana suit and scream "WELCOME TO MY DOMAIN."

Jump off a tall building and see other people’s reactions.

Tell them your outside their house..

Tell someone to tie you to a chair and put duck tape on your mouth and put you in the middle of the sidewalk.

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Go outside scream bloody murder if someone comes tell them to give you a high five and tell them about the parankk.

"Kids today play too many video games." (reads book) "Kids today are so lazy and unfit." (plays outside) "Kids today are so unproductive and uneducated." (does schoolwork) "Kids today are too pressured to work and do well." (plays video games)

Get a friend and have he or she walk you like a dog and get people’s reactions.

People be like: ''Kids these days with their video games. Why won't they just read a book?" And when I read a book, they're like: ''Kids these days only stay inside. Why won't they play outside?"

Watch your neighbours TV from outside their window.

Get a your friend that Is opposite gender and in front of a crowd, propose to your friend.


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