Random Things to Do Outside

At night when a person is walking by, go outside and shout look at these nuts, and dramatically throw peanuts at them.

Go outside and start to sing while licking the grass.

Watch your neighbours TV from outside their window.

run outside and scream AY CURUMBA.

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In a store sneak into a rack full of cloths and have your FRIEND call your number. Have your phone right outside the rack. Have your friend call you and once a person sees it jump out of the rack screaming "MY PHOOONNEE!!!" or if they pick it up "THIEF THIEF!!!" grab your phone and run away.

Go outside and scream, "COME THY UNICORN!!" and watch your neighbors reactions.

sit outside and stare into the abyss and see if anybody asks you what you're doing.

tape whatever your siblings are afraid of around their room and outside their door. (Tomatoes, for example)

When you're lonely, walk outside and collapse onto the ground.

set up a food stand outside. make a weird crazy food combo but make it look like something normal like a cupcake and say its homemade. when someone asks for their money back say "sorry, no refunds."

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