25 Hilarious McDonald's Pranks

25 Hilarious McDonald's PranksA lot of these also work for Burger King or Wendy's, if you have one of those instead of a McDonald's.
  1. Ask for a Happy Meal with extra happy.
  2. Ask for a sad meal. Act really sad if they don't give one to you.
  3. Order fries, then ask for fries with that.
  4. Get a big soda cup, and put a bit of every kind of soda they have in it.
  5. With a serious face, order a McWater (or some McNapkins).
  6. Ask for German fries because you're allergic to the French fries.
  7. Ask for a burger with real meat...
  8. ...or for a salad without the "green stuff."
  9. ...or for a milkshake without the cup.
  10. Ask if the cheeseburger on TV is actual size.
  11. Ask for directions to Burger King.
  12. Ask for a pizza and refuse to leave until you get one.
  13. Start asking the little kids before they go in the playground "Are you on the list?".
  14. Order a Small Mac. Small people have to eat too!
  15. Insist that you want to buy a single french fry. Do not take no for an answer.
  16. Set up a lemonade stand right outside. See how long it takes to kicked out.
  17. Go through the drive-thru with no car...
  18. ...or a car made out of cardboard boxes.
  19. Buy a large fries and give a fry to everybody who comes in.
  20. If you have more money, buy a bunch of burgers, then go to where homeless people are and hand them out.
  21. With a cheeseburger, go to the counter and say, "Your order's ready!" Then give them the cheeseburger.
  22. Dress up as Ronald McDonald and see if they give you free food.
  23. Ask for the manager, and start complaining about your life problems.
  24. Go in wearing formal clothing with a date, and ask if your reservation is still good.
  25. Sit in the play room at the highest point and just sit there staring at everyone.