These are Thoughts

Where did Jimmy Neutron get all the money to build all that stuff?

Don't eat yellow snow. It's so simple people. Seriously.

"I'm sorry" and "my bad" mean the same thing... unless you're at a funeral

I never really "miss" calls, I just ignore them.

To Do Lists

20 Things You Should NOT Do
Sent in by all of you lovely website visitors.

20 Annoying Questions to Ask Siri
You could also ask these to an actual person, but human contact is a bit overrated.

23 Things To Do Outside
There's a whole vast world out there, so you could at least check out your front yard.

10 Things to Do with Diet Coke and Mentos
2 liter bottles work best, but if you want to use the cans instead, you go for it, champ.

17 Ways to Be a Stupid Dumb Idiot
Why are you reading this list? You really are an idiot.

I have these thoughts and when I go to type them I instantly forget them.

When someone asks you to help plan a surprise party, they're really just telling you that you're going to have to make up a lot of lies over the next few weeks.

The best kind of scary movies aren't the ones that make you crap your pants, but the terrible ones that you just laugh your ass off watching.

I really just wanted to make a submission that has the word potato in it. Potato. (KFB)

I hate it when I can't finish my-.

I am just weird, we all are in some way, that means we are all normal.

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