These are Thoughts

A coconut has hair. A coconut has milk. A coconut has flesh. Therefore, a coconut is a mammal.

That funny moment when you're playing video games, then stop, realizing how freakishly tense you are.

I wish it were still socially acceptable to wear capes in public. Think about it, every single turn would be 100% more dramatic

To Do Lists

20 Annoying Questions to Ask Siri
You could also ask these to an actual person, but human contact is a bit overrated.

17 Things to Text
Helpful suggestions on how to successfully get someone to block your number.

20 Things You Should NOT Do
Sent in by all of you lovely website visitors.

Random Game Button

What If we are aliens and we invaded the EARTH?

You know what's music to my ears? A song.

Why do I feel so awkward about asking you for the money you owe me? You owe me. You must feel terrible.

There is nothing in this earthly realm as satisfying as someone insulting your intelligence, and misspelling a word. NOTHING.

Going to be honest here -- everything always tastes better before you see the amount of calories.

I read this site more than the lines I wrote for my assignment that is due tomorrow.

This site is like a daily game for me. And if I'm in the weekly best more than once at a time, then I'm winning.

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