These are Thoughts

If you get offended when someone says Merry Christmas, I think you forfeit your right to have the day off.

Fruit snacks should just be sold in buckets, to hell with these little packets.

When you look up Doctor Who in the search bar, there will be three results,including his one...

Birds don't sing to sing, they sing to tell other birds to get the heck of their territory or they'll be sorry.

To Do Lists

15 Socially Awkward Things to Do Today
They are socially awkward and you can do them today.

21 Things to Do While You're Not Wearing Pants
Keep your underwear on, folks. This isn't THAT kind of list.

20 Annoying Questions to Ask Siri
You could also ask these to an actual person, but human contact is a bit overrated.

20 Things You Should NOT Do
Sent in by all of you lovely website visitors.

6 Weapons That Could Beat Glitter in a Fight
Glitter shows people no mercy. People shouldn't show glitter mercy, either.

The egg came first because the chicken is a cross-breed. Knowledge.

To create time travel is impossible because you would have to be able to change not only time but where everything and everyone was at the time which is messing with free will and physical matter.

"Nothing is impossible" is a lie, we have physics.

Love is an unexplained element of life like why Silverfish aren't fish.

I should stop wasting my life, it's not eternal, I could die at any m.

What if you rip off someone's leg and smack them with it? Would that be hitting or kicking?

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