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7 billion people. Millions of 3DS systems. 721 Pokemon. Not one based on a dolphin.

I don't believe in Adam and Eve because that means that cute person you checked out is your cousin.

I wish more people would declare thumb wars these days. Surely all this texting has prepared my thumb muscles for battle.

If a fly had no wings would it be called a walk???

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If life gives you lemons make apple juice and leave the world wondering how the heck you did it. (K.F.B.)

I wish there was a way to answer people's thoughts on this website. If i know the answer, i wanna share it rather than let it pass.

If i ripped a hole in space and time, duct tape would probably fix it.

You know how over summer you get REALLY bored and your parents say that school will give you something to do? Well, in school you still sit there in boredom

Why is it that when you fall asleep your brain decides to remind you of that one thing you forgot to do at that exact second.

People say that the brains is the only body part to name itself. I say they're wrong. The mouth also named itself.


To Do Lists

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