Best Things to Do

Text a random and amusing image from your phone to your best friend.

Talk to them in your best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice. Even if it doesn't sound as good, it would still be quite funny. Reply to them with some of Arnold's lines from movies for better results.

Yawn loudly and obnoxiously. If the teacher looks, say "This is the best subject ever!!!", with great enthusiasm, then flop your head on your desk and snore loudly. Pretend to fall asleep. Then, in the middle of this fake nap, perk your head up and say "The answer is two!!!"

Bored? Well then...READ THIS. Things to do: Nothing. Try to lick your elbow (I almost put sing your elbow). Draw/paint/color. And finally, the best one of all time: I forgot

To Do Lists

Random Pointless Websites
Not sure why these exist but hopefully they stay up forever.

11 Things to Do with Helium Balloons
Disclaimer: Inhaling things other than oxygen is usually a bad idea.

Run around screaming Rebecca Black's Friday and insist it is the best song ever when you're done. Do this a couple of times.

One of my thoughts is on the all-time best. I have achieved victory everyone! I would like to thank the academy, my parents, my cats, and YOU, and my uncle Jimmy, and that can of tuna fish...

Try to get people to think you and your best friend are sisters/brothers.

Get a best friend to put on a chicken mask then put on a cow mask then go into chic-fil-a and make a scene of killing the chicken and see if a worker records it and makes it an ad for chic-fil-a.

Eat or drink as many sweet things as possible to get super hyper (works best with a friend).

Go up to people in their cars and say, “STOP STOP YOUR WHEELS ARE TURNING!” Just for the best reactions.

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