What to Do When Bored

Drawing Ideas
Funny things to doodle with pencils or crayons.

Painting Ideas
Easy things to paint with acrylic or watercolor.

Things to Do at Home
Ways to annoy your siblings, parents, and/or pets while trying not to get hurt.

Things to Talk About
Entertaining topics to discuss with your boyfriend or cat or whatever.

Things to Eat
New foods for dinner, lunch, breakfast, brunch, and snacks.

Things to Do Outside
Stuff to do in your yard or on a street or in the woods.

Things to Do in Public
Just so you know, the public will hate you if you do any of these.

Please don't actually do all of these.

Writing Prompts
Ideas for short stories or conversations or improv or whatever.

Ways to Make Money
Quick ways to make extra cash when you're stuck without a job.

Best Things to Do
Ideas for what to do when you're really, really bored.

Funniest Things to Do
Ideas for how to make yourself laugh.

Worst Things to Do
Bad ideas that are stupid, or at least super awkward.

Other Random Generators

Maybe inspirational or motivational, but possibly funny or dumb.

These are thoughts...by people. Some are deep...some are not.

This could maybe be helpful if you're feeling philosophical.

Jokes so unfunny that they're actually kinda funny.

There's always room for another comic book idea.

About Random Things to Do

Hey, are you bored? Probably, since you're on this website. Luckily we have ideas for stuff to do to cure boredom. If you aren't alone, we have suggestions for what to do with friends too!

Are you up for a stupid challenge or do you just want to do something boring? Or maybe something weird? Are you bored in class and looking for a thing to do at school, or at McDonald's?

Maybe you want to tell a dumb joke to your brother or sister, text a stupid message to a friend, or even prank call somebody. You could also try to be creative and write a short story or film a funny video. Otherwise you can just do nothing, I guess.

Oh, and if you have an idea for something that's not here, please join our Discord server and send your suggestions!

Other Funny Stuff

Mutilate-A-Doll 2
Stab it, shoot it, or give it a dumb hat.

Easiest Game Ever
Sure to boost your self-esteem!

Ant Protests
These ants were so oppressed they learned how to write.

Pocket Emo
Design your own sadness...

Cheese Facts
Brought to you by BrieTV!

Kyle Bob's Choose Your Own Adventure Game
It's like a book except you're able to lose!

Earthquake Fizz Calculator
How long after an earthquake is it okay to open a can of soda again?

Money Making Ideas
They say business ideas are a dime a dozen, but some of these could make at least a dollar if you try really hard.

The Blame Game
Draw an unfortunate situation card, then choose a blame card to decide whose fault it is for causing this terrible inconvenience.

Circle Split Thing
Turn the circles into tinier circles.

Haunted House of Heck Adventure
Full of ghosts, spiders, and awkward moments.

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