15 Things to Do at a Sleepover

15 Things to Do at a SleepoverMake that slumber party less slumber-y and more party-y!
  1. Make a blanket fort. If you already have one, make either an add-on to your current fort, or a back-up fort in another location.
  2. Fill the room with so much glow in the dark stuff that you can easily read a book.
  3. If you're the host, when someone enters your house, act like its a hotel.
  4. When everyone's asleep, put make up on yourself to look like clown, then wake them up. It's gonna be a good morning.
  5. ...or dress up like the grim reaper, stand outside the window, and knock on the door till they wake up, then stare at them.
  6. Gamble with candy, so even if you lose, you can at least still feel healthy.
  7. Dress up in Halloween costumes and pretend to be superheroes.
  8. ...or wrap yourselves up in a blankets and pretend to be caterpillars.
  9. Imagine at night that the Earth was covered with a blanket, and all the stars were little tiny holes in it, since it's a nice little thought in the middle of all this nonsense.
  10. Have a competition to see who can stay up the longest.
  11. Whoever falls asleep first, draw on their face with scented markers so they will be forced to smell their grape or licorice scented mustache until they finally wash it off.
  12. Pretend to sleep walk. Then, while still sleep walking, make yourself a sandwich and eat it in front of your friend.
  13. Put sleeping bags over your heads, turn off the lights and play tag. Note: Remove sharp objects first.
  14. Slide down the stairs in a sleeping bag, either on purpose or accidentally due to the previous idea.
  15. Dance. Just...dance. Don't stop dancing. Dance the night away until you're the last one dancing and people tell you to go home.