16 Prank Call Responses for Telemarketers

16 Prank Call Responses for TelemarketersWhy settle for a simple no thank you?
  1. Insist that the caller is really your friend playing a joke.
  2. Pretend to be an old man (or lady) and speak with a heavy accent. Keep asking them to repeat themselves because you're hard of hearing.
  3. Ask them how much their product will sell for on eBay.
  4. After each question they ask you, say "no". "Are you the owner of the house? No. Can I speak with the owner please? No. Do you know a good time to call back? No."
  5. Say "yes" after each question for completely different results.
  6. Ask for their home number so that you can call them back later this evening.
  7. Tell them to talk VERY SLOWLY, because you want to write EVERY WORD DOWN.
  8. Ask if he belongs to a particular nationality, like Canadian or something. If he says no, say "We only talk to Canadians". If he says yes, say "We don't talk to your kind." Then hang up.
  9. After they introduce themselves, say "Hey, that's my name too!", and ask where they're from. After they tell you, say "I grew up there!", then follow up with other personal questions.
  10. Offer to sign up only if they buy YOUR "product" (like oranges or something).
  11. Every time they say something, say "That's not true!"
  12. Put them on hold and play an annoying song of your choice, looping infinitely.
  13. Question the legality of every statement they make, no matter how ridiculous is sounds. For example, "Are you sure that insurance is legal in my state?"
  14. For every non-question sentence that the telemarketer makes, ask "Why?".
  15. Tell them a sob story, that you got fired, you got a speeding ticket, there's nothing to eat tonight, etc. Then ask them how THEY are.
  16. Keep repeating what they say until they ask you to stop. When they ask why you're repeating them, say you're training to be a telemarketer.