18 Best Things to Google When Bored

18 Best Things to Google When BoredNothing beats searching for stuff that you were never looking for in the first place.
  1. Your Own Name
  2. Your Pets' or Siblings' or Parents' Names
  3. Funny Signs
  4. Tilt!
  6. "qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm"
  8. Google Google on Google because you forgot you were already on Google.
  9. One Minute Timer
    You'll get an actual 60 second timer that'll count down, which you can watch if you're really that bored.
  10. Capybaras, the largest rodents on Earth.
  11. How to communicate with your betta fish.
  12. Google Pacman
    Play the Pacman doodle that Google had that one time way back when. It even has a 2 player mode.
  13. Pick two words (like man and bat) then combine them together to see if it means anything (like manbat).
  14. Elgoog
  15. Random words (like magentagious) until you find something that only has one result.
  16. The End of the Internet
  17. How To Use Google
  18. Smash your face on the keyboard, press enter, and see what comes up.