20 Annoying Questions to Ask Siri

You could also ask these to an actual person, but human contact is a bit overrated.

  1. How young can you die of old age?
  2. Shouldn't the backs of your knees be called legpits?
  3. If tomatoes are fruits, does that make ketchup a jam?
  4. Are eyebrows facial hair?
  5. If you punch yourself and it hurts, are you strong, or are you weak?
  6. What if I'm a pair of conjoined twins, but they're connected exactly in the middle?
  7. What if our use of emojis gradually becomes so extensive that we actually circle back to writing hieroglyphics?
  8. In those Christmas movies where Santa really does exist but the parents don't believe in him, where do they think the presents come from?
  9. Where does the neck of a snake stop and the tail start?
  10. At what point does a cupcake become a muffin?
  11. When you choke a Smurf, what color does it turn?
  12. What was the best thing before sliced bread?
  13. How can we can put laser-equipped robots on Mars, but wrinkled dollar bills still don't work in vending machines?
  14. If there is a finite amount of matter in the universe, how does Olive Garden offer unlimited breadsticks?
  15. How do cops arrest one armed people?
  16. Why do fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing?
  17. If a poison is out of date, is it more poisonous or less poisonous?
  18. What if stones are actually really soft and they just tense up when you touch them?
  19. What if you randomly hallucinated when you looked at your lottery ticket, and you won without knowing?
  20. If I were to say that ninety nine point nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine % of people didn't read that number, would that make you read it?

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