22 More Prank Call Ideas

22 More Prank Call IdeasPhone numbers not provided. You can look those up on your own if you want to deal with the consequences.
  1. Call: Quick Trip
    Ask if you can reserve a doughnut.
  2. Call: Someone Named Luke
    Tell them you are their father.
  3. Call: Anybody
    Try to convince them they are your long lost relative.
  4. Call: Hasbro (or Some Other Toy Company)
    Complain that your so called "action figures" just stand there.
  5. Call: Anybody
    Tell them that you hid the body, then hang up.
  6. Call: White Castle
    Ask for a Black Castle representative.
  7. Call: Library
    Ask for a book on how to read.
  8. Call: Anybody You Know
    Ask if they ordered a six pack. ;-)
  9. Call: Jack in the Box
    Ask "Is Jack actually in the box?"
  10. Call: Progressive
    Ask to speak with Flo.
  11. Call: Hefty (or Some Garbage Bag Company)
    Ask them why we pay money for garbage bags so we can literally throw them into the garbage.
  12. Call: Pizza Hut
    Insist that they are a building and that huts are no longer apart of the modern day suburban lifestyle.
  13. Call: Walmart
    Ask "Hello is this return and pick up?" Wait for answer and say, "Is it okay if I pick up my kid?"
  14. Call: Anybody
    Ask what year it is. Whatever they say, yell "It worked!"
  15. Call: Burger King
    Say that you are doing a report on kings and queens and ask what country the Burger King rules.
  16. Call: Minecraft
    Complain that your game is too square.
  17. Call: Forever 21
    Tell them that your 22nd birthday is today and ask if you are still allowed to go to the store because you are 22.
  18. Call: Anybody
    Ask to confirm their order for live peacocks.
  19. Call: Skittles Company
    Complain that you can't taste the rainbow.
  20. Call: Nabisco
    Complain to them that Double-Stuffed Oreos should be called Oreos, and regular Oreos should be called Diet Oreos.
  21. Call: Target
    Ask if they have any archery supplies.
  22. Call: Anybody
    Start making that sound from the Grudge. Then say "7 days" and hang up.