23 Funny Icebreaker Questions

23 Funny Icebreaker QuestionsNo more talking about how you did nothing last weekend.
  1. Are eyebrows facial hair?
  2. What do you think is the real color of a mirror?
  3. When you touch your arm which do you feel first, your arm touching your finger, or your finger touching your arm?
  4. At what point does a cupcake become a muffin?
  5. Why does drinking Gatorade trick me into thinking I'm more of an athlete than I actually am?
  6. How do they make toasters small enough for Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
  7. If you're choking on ice, should you Heimlich yourself or just wait?
  8. How did the glass slipper not fit any of the other women in the town? What was wrong with Cinderella's foot?
  9. Who do you think was the first person to milk a cow? And what were they thinking?
  10. Some health products claim to "leave your body naturally". How would something leave your body unnaturally, then?
  11. Why can't zombies just eat other zombies instead?
  12. How do astronauts scratch their noses on the moon?
  13. Do you think a "Taco Bell" actually work?
  14. Who thought that darts would be a safe game for drunk people to play in bars?
  15. If spiders could play the guitar, would you be more scared of them? Or less scared of them?
  16. Why do people use the phrase "half a dozen"? Isn't it easier to just say "six"?
  17. How did the heart symbol turn out nothing like a heart?
  18. How long after an earthquake do you have to wait before it's okay to open a can of soda?
  19. Shouldn't the backs of your knees be called legpits?
  20. What if you rip off someone's leg and smack them with it? Would that be hitting or kicking?
  21. How do you think mermaids have children?
  22. How the heck did we discover cheese?
  23. Where does the neck of a snake stop and the tail start?