23 Things to Do When You're Stuck at Home Alone

23 Things to Do When You're Stuck at Home AloneMaybe you're sick, maybe it's raining outside, or maybe you just like it this way.
  1. Make a paper airport full of paper airplanes and overpriced paper food.
  2. Put ice in iced tea to make it double iced tea.
  3. Keep ripping apart a marshmallow until it feels more like a cooked marshmallow.
  4. Find your least worn hat and put it on. No more hat neglect.
  5. Babysit a cactus. Then fail because you got bored and watered it too much. Poor cactus.
  6. Wear a bathrobe backwards so it's a Snuggie (or wear a Snuggie backwards so it's a bathrobe).
  7. Have a rant about crayons. Does any kid really need 120 colors?
  8. Cup your hands in the shower to collect water, then let go and see the water splash down on the floor. See how loud you can make it.
  9. Dance around like an idiot. You are your only judge.
  10. Floss your teeth more, ya doofus. It's good for ya. You're bored anyway so you might as well fight bacteria.
  11. Play a 2 player game with yourself. If you need to use two controllers at once, you can always try using your feet.
  12. When you have to do chores, do them like you're a ninja.
  13. Snap your fingers and concentrate on how when you snap, the noise comes from your middle finger hitting your palm, not the friction of the two fingers moving apart. Crazy stuff.
  14. Connect a whole bunch of straws together, then drink a soda from across the room.
  15. See how many times you can cut a watermelon in half.
  16. Eat 2 pieces of fruit in a row like a badass. (Watermelons are especially hardcore, though not recommended.)
  17. Slap some Jell-O. It's more fun than it sounds.
  18. Make a terrible portrait of your pet since they'll probably like it anyway.
  19. Look at a word until it doesn't make sense. Like the word "sense", what's up with that word?
  20. Record yourself saying your name, then play it backwards to reveal your secret alter ego.
  21. Make a song and rhyme the word orange with Blorenge (a place in southeast Wales).
  22. Try to spell racecar backwards. Gonna blow your mind, man.
  23. Try to find a typo in a book so you can feel like a champion. How did you see that and the author and editors didn't? You win.