26 Easiest Challenges Ever

26 Easiest Challenges EverTime to boost that self esteem!
  1. Read this sentence.
  2. Eat a food that you like...twice!
  3. Live on the planet Earth.
  4. Laugh madly. Not angrily, just madly.
  5. Stay alive for the next 3 minutes. Go!
  6. Punch the air. Take that, air!
  7. Make up a new word by combining the first half of one word with the second half of another.
  8. Pop bubble wrap until you run out of bubbles.
  9. Yell at a rock about how it doesn't rock.
  10. Give to the poor via some fast food charity box.
  11. Record yourself talking into a fan so you sound like a robot.
  12. Breathe oxygen and nitrogen at the same time.
  13. Name your toilet. You should really give it a cool name to make up for the fact that it has to be a toilet.
  14. Sing in the shower. Or rap, if you'd prefer.
  15. Pet your pets since that's why they call them pets!
  16. Sharpen a carrot (or two).
  17. Blink a bunch of times really fast so your life is like a strobe light.
  18. Slap the wall for always getting in your way.
  19. Create a new holiday that you'd like to have conveniently on your birthday.
  20. Stop doing illegal drugs for at least 1 minute.
  21. Go hug a tree even though it can't hug you back.
  22. Eat pizza or a donut or something.
  23. Moo like a cow. You're the coolest of the cool.
  24. Poke stuff, but not gross stuff because that's gross.
  25. Smile 3 times, then 2 more.
  26. Finish reading this list.