29 Cool Snow Day Ideas

29 Cool Snow Day IdeasIf it's not snowing by you, you can always head north.
  1. Jump into a snow bank. Just JUMP.
  2. Jump into some slush and then get upset that you have wet socks now because you were a stupid idiot for doing that.
  3. Try to figure out when snow becomes slush and when slush becomes water.
  4. Try to figure out when snowflakes stop being special.
  5. Stare up at the snowflakes and pretend they're asteroids coming at you.
  6. Try to find the most biggest, giantest icicle of all time.
  7. Try to find the most smallest, microscopicest icicle of all time.
  8. Shovel your driveway! Ha yeah!
  9. Shovel some sidewalks so old people don't die on them and stuff.
  10. Find the smallest possible hill to sled down so you don't have to put a lot of effort into walking back up.
  11. ...or find the biggest possible hill to sled down so you can get all the sledding out of your system in one go.
  12. Attempt to create the perfect snowball that's an exact sphere.
  13. Put snowballs in your freezer, then in summer throw them at people that you do not like (but who will also not sue you).
  14. Actually build a snowman instead of just asking people if they would like to.
  15. Have a long debate on how many snowballs you need to make a snowman.
  16. Make a snow woman. You can make your own rules on what that means.
  17. Hit snowballs with a baseball bat to watch them explode since it looks kinda neat.
  18. Play soccer with a snowball for about 5 seconds until it breaks.
  19. See whose boot makes the coolest footprint.
  20. See whose face makes the best faceprint.
  21. Make a snow angel anywhere that has a big enough patch of snow.
  22. Play tic-tac-toe in the snow. Some call it tic-tac-snow! But I don't.
  23. Discover the daily life of an animal by tracking their footprints.
  24. Make an ice rink out of orange juice or something.
  25. Pour Mountain Dew or Coca Cola into the snow then eat it in front of somebody while not telling them what it is so they'll think it's something else haaaaa!
  26. Hide a toy or something deep in the snow so that later when it melts it'll be a cool surprise that you forgot about.
  27. Try to build an igloo, possibly with multiple rooms.
  28. As your igloo melts, pretend you're actually becoming a giant.
  29. Watch all the snow slowly melt and drain into the streets. Yayyy...