32 Funny Short Story Ideas

32 Funny Short Story IdeasAmusing writing prompts for those with writer's block.
  1. Two alligators falling in love
  2. What happened to mommy long legs
  3. Cookie Monster fighting his addiction
  4. The man who had a fear of balloons
  5. What led up to the world's longest group hug
  6. The forgotten 8th dwarf from Snow White
  7. The story of a buffalo that was born with actual wings
  8. The tragedy of the last dodo bird to ever exist
  9. Somebody getting the absolute worst happy meal toy
  10. The stresses of a stegosaurus's new job
  11. A time when Mr. Rogers got angry
  12. A polar bear gets stuck in a giant bubble and starts to fly away
  13. Scientists discover what birds like to laugh at
  14. The biggest issue of two bees without knees
  15. An awkward encounter with a pear tree that can talk
  16. The tale of the Burger Prince and his quest to become the next Burger King
  17. What would happen if everybody had electronic belly buttons and they each did something unique
  18. A dramatization of that fire you accidentally started that one time (I feel like we've all done it)
  19. A conflict between a unicycle gang and a moped gang
  20. The girl who bought a cyborg goldfish
  21. What Bigfoot's parents are like
  22. An extra tall giraffe having trouble fitting in
  23. A professional mini-golfer's last game
  24. A professional kazoo player's big break
  25. The longest game of tic tac toe
  26. A day in the life of whatever animal you envy most (e.g., seahorses)
  27. Pajama day at the office
  28. Wizard of Oz characters stuck in Kansas
  29. An old man trying to prove that the sun is flat
  30. How Casper the friendly ghost died
  31. What would go down if Scrabble was like Jumanji where everything came to life
  32. The final match of a worldwide thumb war tournament

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