35 Things to Do When You're Really Bored

35 Things to Do When You're Really BoredAre you dying of boredom? Some or all of these suggestions might help!
  1. Take a picture of an old camera that can't take pictures anymore.
  2. Play frisbee golf with old CDs or DVDs you don't care about.
  3. Close the fridge really slowly to see when the light goes out.
  4. Take a nap under a shady tree. Like, a tree with shade. Not like, a sketchy, creepy tree. Don't do that.
  5. Count the squirrels at your local park. If your park has no squirrels, just sit there and think about life.
  6. Volunteer in your community by becoming one of those garbage stabber people.
  7. Plant carrots. Grow carrots. Pick carrots. Wash carrots. Eat carrots.
  8. Have a parade with just you walking down the street playing a kazoo. Maybe have your dog in there too.
  9. Play basketball with a deflated ball since it's really kind of a whole new game.
  10. Freeze a milkshake so it can just be regular ice cream in cylinder form. Mmm, cylinders.
  11. Microwave something, then open the microwave at 1 second left and pretend you disabled a bomb.
  12. Teach a cat how to do backflips so that when people come over your cat can do backflips and people will think your cat is cool.
  13. Try to find where you can get some cantaloupe ice cream, since that sounds kind of weird but yet is probably still a thing.
  14. Open a paint program and draw a stickman war on medieval, modern, or future age. Your choice.
  15. Think about how successful grass is as a species. There are like, trillions of those things.
  16. Try to run for a really long time like Forrest Gump but then stop after maybe a block or two.
  17. Drink some water! Too many people are dehydrated these days.
  18. Visit a butterfly house. They're like wasps except all the bad things are replaced with good things.
  19. Stare at the back of someone's head then see if they turn around like they have that "someone's watching me" feeling.
  20. Dehydrate a watermelon to make watermelon jerky. It's a real thing!
  21. Poke something or someone to the beat of a song.
  22. Draw pictures in total darkness and see how they turn out.
  23. Go through an old yearbook and see how weird everyone looked.
  24. Say potato really slow in a deep voice.
  25. Type ingredients you already have in your kitchen into a recipe generator and cook or bake something.
  26. Film yourself eating food then put it in reverse.
  27. Put soap in a hot tub and then turn the jets on, then give yourself a beard made out of bubbles.
  28. Listen to 2 completely different songs at the same time and see what it sounds like.
  29. Go on a 5 minute vacation to the most luxurious place you can find within those 5 minutes.
  30. Scream at a tree. It deserves to know that you acknowledge its hard work and dedication to the environment.
  31. Find a cookie. Eat it.
  32. Order a chicken and an egg from Amazon and see which one comes first.
  33. For the rest of the day, answer every question with a question.
  34. Watch some kids shows you were obsessed with when you were 4-8. Feel the nostalgia course through your veins.
  35. Question the meaning of boredom until you get so deep and scientific that you're no longer bored.