Random Prank Call Ideas

If youtube, twitter and facebook joined. it would be called: YOU-TWIT-FACE :)

Call MacDonalds when they pick up say ‘hi welcome to MacDonalds how may I help you’ instead of them saying it you say it.

Call: McDonald’s Ask if they have any bulldozers left in stock.

Call them and say tht we r frm uncone tax office.

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Call anyone: and start making that sound from the grudge and then say 7 days and hang up.

call and say I am sorry for your los.

Call a pizza place trying to sell pizza.

Call the local bowling alley and ask "do you have ten pound balls?" when he says yes, reply "Then how do you walk?

Call target and ask how many bows they have.

Why is delivering by CAR called SHIPPING and delivering by SHIP called CARGO.

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