Things to Do with "h"

If I don't have caffeine, I'll be up way to late trying to get this work done. If I DO have caffeine, I'll finish in half an hour but be unable to fall asleep.

Is there a limit to what humans can achieve?

On v-day, walk up to a happy couple and say, "I can't believe this! You said you loved me! And now this?!?! That's it! We're over, John!!!" And slap the boy.

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Random Game Button

Has anyone else noticed that the & symbol looks like a stick figure rubbing his butt on the floor?

See how much whipped cream you can fit in your mouth until you either stop breathing or it falls over.

What happened to the name Wolfgang? I mean that name is so badass. What, did they ban it? Decide it was too OP? Makes me sad.

Buy a pair of XXXL Sweatpants and see how many people can fit in them.

Stare at a turned off tv. And start yelling at it. see how many people look

Text your brother asking if he is pregnant.

Look at the picture of the girl in the top left corner trying to lick her elbow.

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