Things to Do with "h"

hide in your basement and time how long it takes for people to notice that they haven't talked to you in a while.

Keep telling them your boyfriend broke up with you when you thought he was going to propose. Talk in a sad voice and add little cries in between

Close your eyes, walk around the house, and time how long it takes you to run into something.

Everyone has tried to catch dust in the air before, admit it.

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Draw a bunch of dots on a piece of paper, connect them, and try to figure out what it looks like.

Play hide-and-seek in the dark. Whatever you do, DO NOT HIDE IN THE DRYER

What if male pattern baldness gave you a mohawk? People would slowly start losing hair on the sides until they got one of those crew cuts, and finally it would develop into a mohawk. So many gray mohawks. So much happiness.

Get you dog to rip up your homework, take the remains to school, and say "My dog really ate my homework."

When your in a rest room read they ingredients on shampoo or anything with ingredients and make a rap song.

Put on one or more pairs of socks and glide on a hardwood floor.

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