Things to Do with "order"

Order free stuff online !

Say is this the pizza place they'll say no and you act like you aren't listening and start ordering.

Stand in line and when the cashier calls next you just stand there and then eventually you go up and order.

Call jack in the box and say I ordered a box from eBay and jack wasn't in it.

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Talk about the struggles of being vegan and then order a meal with the most meat and milk in it possible.

Prank call Pizza Hut and say hi can I order 1000 Big Macs.

Go to a restaurant and order a carpet for 2.

When a neighbor leaves for vacation put an "out of order" sign on their door.

Call: Amazon And say "hey why isn't my burger here? I ordered it twenty minutes ago"

Go to McDonald’s and complain about how hard it is to be vegan, then order a burger, or chicken nuggets. :)


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