Random Prank Ideas

Call an Italian resterant and say you want fifty of everything and when it is delivered say we didn't order anything.

In a crowded place, yell "Look, a distraction!" and point somewhere. See how many people look.

Call someone and fart.

Go to Walmart and stay in the isle with Dora the explorer dolls in it and when someone picks a doll up yell at them saying swiper no swiping until they put the doll down.

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On a rainy day go out side with an umbrella and sing I'm singing in the rain song wIth as much animation and enthusiasm as you can. See if people stop to watch.

Write down names of singers and bands in abc order, for example A-Angelina Jolie and AC/DC and keep going.

When you are at the movies put up a sign for a childrens movie and say sorry no kids allowed.

Sen them a really long text that makes it sound like you are really upset. Add things like " i'be been so scared to tell any one" and " I really hope this won't effect our friendship/relationship in any way. End it with "Do you know the muffin man?"

In a train wait until it starts and then scream "EARTHQUAKE!"

Poop on the toilet for 1/2 an hour.

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