Prank Ideas

Go by someone on the phone in public, take out your phone, and reply to all the things they say as if your on the other end.

Write down names of singers and bands in abc order, for example A-Angelina Jolie and AC/DC and keep going.

Walk up to people and everytime something doesnt go their way walk up to them with a pencil in your hand like a microphone and say "And how does this make you feel" or "And how do you feel about that." ex. someone drops their pencil

To Do Lists

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Look at someone with a death stare then say "Your one of them!"

Stand on the street and wave at cars that drive by, if the windows in their car are open scream HI.

Go to your next door neighbor and tell them you are lost and can't find your way home.

Walk around a playground then ask a child to buy a cereal for you.

Why was Batman crossing his legs? Because he needed to use the BATroom!! (I know that was a joke not a pun)

Change their alarm clock like 2 hours 3 hours after there supposed to get up and watch them Rush then when I come to you say it's only blah blah blah they will get so mad at you.

Who can hear me sing in the shower?

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