Random Things to Do at School

If your teacher ever has to leave the classroom for a minute, go up to the teacher desk and loudly rant about a random topic (like the school dress code) and see if you can get everyone in the class to agree with you (PREACH!)

Barf on the school substitute and say, sorry you came in today!

Hide a stuffed animal somewhere sort of obvious at your school, then put up "Lost Pet" signs and see what happens. :)))

Randomly pretend someone you know is a new student (best done with the help of a friend.)

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When your siting in school when the teacher is looking fall out of your chair.

Run like Naruto through the halls of your school and shout ¨SAUSAGE¨.

If you can get a really sharp pencil and throw it point up at the ceiling. See if it gets stuck

Start singing in class really loud so everyone can hear you.

Why don't they give you nap time in school when you need it middle school.

In school , group work :What is 1 1,single person work :Calculate the mass of the Earth.


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