Things to Do with "shirt"

Why does the girl at the top of this page with the red shirt have no legs?

The man put his name on the neck of his shirt so he would have collar ID.

Put pillows in your shirt, and run into each other.

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Dump snow down your sister's shirt.

Looking up at the screen and realizing that you've accidentally typed your password in the "Username" box is like removing your sweater and realizing that your shirt went with it.

If someone has words on their shirt, yell the words aloud as they walk past.

Put a sweatshirt on your legs, and then put sweatpants on your arms and hold them up. Add a head in the hoodie to make it look like someone doing a handstand.

When someone is not looking, put slime on someone's shirt and see how long it takes for them to notice and get mad at you.

Stand on the corner of an intersection with a stop sign, without a shirt on and pretend to be a pole dancer. when someone stops walk up to their window and try and get them to pay you for your 'services.' When someone says no then be extremely offended: see how people react when they say no.

Put tissue in your shirt [a lot of tissue] ,and go to Burger King and ask for a lot of food.

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