Things to Do with "store"

Go to a store which is open 24 hrs at 1 am and wear a onesie and weird glasses and walk in the store with music on and scream and grab snacks and pay and run out.

At a store ask how much does this $1.50 bread cost? or any other item.

I hate when you pass the same person in the grocery store going in opposite directions in every single isle.

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Go to an apple iStore with a banana and ask for an upgrade.

A music store had a small sign which read: Bach in a Minuet.

Sing your favorite song in the middle of a store and when you're done go to the banana section and start yelling "I HEARD A GORILLA ESCAPED FROM THE ZOO AND IS ATTACKING STORES BECAUSE IT WANTS BANANAS!" and see how many people freak out

Go into a store and ask, "What year is it?" and once they tell you run out of the store yelling, "It worked!"

Go to the local grocery store. Pick up a pineapple. Place the pineapple in people's carts without saying a word and walk away.

I once saw a container of salt in the grocery store labeled "25% less sodium!"

Go to the store. Then go to the bathroom and hand a note that says there on to us we need to go to the person next to you in the stall

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