Things to Do with Tape

When someone is asleep put glitter all over them then put tape over their eyes.

Tape your hands and feet together, then attempt to walk around in a public place (The people's faces when they see you will be PRICELESS, I promise).

Make a sign that says kick me then tape it to your freinds back.

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Tape your little sibling to the wall ( they love it).

Duct tape your self to the celing.

Tape a long string to a $10 Dollar bill and hide it in a tree ( Put it on a low branch ) wait till a teen comes then when he tries to get it pull it a little higher then tap on the window and smile and watch there expression it will crack you up.

Use paper,pencils and tape to make a sign that says something weird.(this guy/girl is now an ape.)

I flinch every time I roll up a tape measure.

Tape the middle auto correct for as long as you want because it will make no sense she what people reply with.

Tape a carrot to your nose and walk out in public. See how many people notice.

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