Random Text Ideas

In the middle of the night text one of your friends"what if Cinderella was a baking slave and her name was mozzarella instead" and see what they say back to you.

If your in a big group chat where someone doesn't know your email/ phone number, text them singularly saying something like, "Hey I took care of the body. Did you take care of the whitenesses?" And when the answer say, "Oh... Wrong number. Forget you ever read that"

Text your dad saying I left my phone at my friends house.

Text literally anyone "You won't believe what just happened." And proceed to text something really mild one letter at a time

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Text your friend this to annoy them,"Pete and repeat sat on a wall Pete fell off who was left?"

Change the words "yes" and "sure" and "ok" (and all other words meaning yes) to "no" on your friend's phone while they aren't looking. Afterwards, text them if they think your a true friend. Hilarity ensued.

After someone texts you only reply with question marks.

Text Someone, "Did you Hide the Body?" Follow up With, "I hope we don't get caught..." then say, "Sorry Wrong Number."

Text a friend song lyrics and see what they type back!

Keep texting when they answer say who are you?


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