Random Text Ideas

Text your friend that you are moving to a different country.

Text your friends everything you hear, and if it's silent, text them things they have already said... Lol

Text someone the same message (something distinctive, such as "wanna grab lunch") with as many different phone numbers or emails you can.

Text your Friend Hey I lost My phone ill Text You when i find it *.

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Text you friend and say I thought no I left my phone at your place.

If your in a big group chat where someone doesn't know your email/ phone number, text them singularly saying something like, "Hey I took care of the body. Did you take care of the whitenesses?" And when the answer say, "Oh... Wrong number. Forget you ever read that"

Do a song lyrics text where you text someone song lyrics in sentences and start a conversation like that.

Text someone you broke up with somewhen when they reply who were you with say my bed and my stupid alarm clock broke us up.

Text your mom "I left my phone at the house."

Text a friend song lyrics and see what they type back!

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