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Text your bff “how do you hide a body? I didn’t want it on my search history,” then see what happens from there 🤗

Text "I lost the potato, again..." and see what they text back!

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Text someone in your contacts and say you lost your phone see who replys!

Ask your best friend to use their phone, run into the bathroom and text their crush(if they get mad at you, tell them that's why were friends).

Whenever someone takes their sweet time responding to my texts or emails, my first thought is to give them a taste of their own medicine. Then about 5 minutes pass and my urge to respond overwhelms my plans for vengeance.

Text your friend "Hello! MI AMIGO WANT FRIES MC YES." It makes no sense, so every time they text you again, just keep sending that.

Text someone the same message (something distinctive, such as "wanna grab lunch") with as many different phone numbers or emails you can.

Text Someone, "Did you Hide the Body?" Follow up With, "I hope we don't get caught..." then say, "Sorry Wrong Number."

Text friend: Do I look like an orangutan?

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