Things to Do with "toilet"

Poop in their toilet and don't flush. Then send them in and lock the door

Cover your hand in chocolate and knock on your neighbors door and ask for toilet paper.

Have you ever taken more toilet paper because when you ripped off some it spun the roll so you take what the roll spun but then the roll spins more and you get caught in an endless cycle of taking toilet paper.

Stick V.I.P or Private on some public toilets.

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Use toilet paper like police tape.

Put baby oil on the toilet seat to prank your sibling.

Hand people toilet paper and say do you want to be my friend in a creepy voice.

Now that I think about it, a push-pop is nothing more than crappy ice cream in a toilet paper roll.

So tell someone to go to the bathroom and go to the toilet then tell them flush the chain and if you here a sound run.

Advertisements should be put ON toilet paper. Imagine the revenue!


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