Things to Do with "tree"

Go to a park and every time someone looks at you hide behind a tree and yell "I'm a tree!"

Have an argument with a tree in public to see peoples reactions.

After a cold winter, will deciduous trees be releaved?

Just laugh at a tree in a public place than say your sorry. Take off your hat and put a sign in it that says "Save the trees. My girlfriend (or boyfriend) is one" see how much money you get

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Scream at a tree. It deserves to know that you acknowledge its hard work and dedication to the environment.

The lullaby song is about a baby falling out of a tree. What's wrong with people?!

Whoever said that nothing is impossible obviously hasn't tried nailing jelly to a tree.

Tell your friend to look out their window. They will be like, "There is nothing" and you say, "There was something" They might check again, when they say there is nothing again, say there is a gift. They will be like, "What?" You say, "Grass, trees, dirt, rocks. A gift from God."

When someone walks by, throw a stick at them. When they ask why you did that, tell them a tree told you to do it.

Climb up trees and drop marshmallows on people.


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