Things to Do with "websites"


GIF Melter
Take any GIF and make it more trippy.

Eel Slap
Hopefully not electric.

To Do Lists

18 Dumb Things to Do at Walmart
Cheap prices and cheap entertainment.

15 Things to Do in the Snow
If it's not snowing by you, you can always head north.

28 Ideas for Cool Things to Draw
Prepare your 96 pack of crayons.

Valley of the Uncanny
Weird double faced thing interacting with music.

Corgi Orgy
This website has no purpose but yet in a way it kind of does.

Online Graffiti
Scribble whatever you feel like, or scribble over the scribbles of others.

Look at This Swirly Thing
Change settings to make it even MORE swirly.

Doughnut Kitten
Close relative of pop tart cat.

Woah check out dat 3D eye!

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