15 Fun Facts About Animals

15 Fun Facts About AnimalsTell your friends about these amazing, totally true bits of trivia!
  1. A scared kangaroo will bury its head in its pouch.
  2. A group of chipmunks is called a chapel.
  3. Snails love Slip'n Slides and can sense them from up to 4 backyards away.
  4. A flying squirrel once jumped out of a plane and landed in another plane.
  5. Every starfish has what scientists call a "slappy arm".
  6. A goose cannot turn its head at all. (Loosey goosey is a misnomer.)
  7. Crabs are red because of all the lobsters they eat.
  8. Mice are always screaming, but the pitch is so high nobody can hear it. Not even dogs.
  9. A sloth's entire body is one bone.
  10. Swans enjoy high diving off cliffs when given the opportunity.
  11. A hummingbird is always out of tune.
  12. Zebras are horses that have been struck by lightning. (Lightning is very common in the Savannah.)
  13. Wasps are mad about all the newspaper headlines in their nests.
  14. Many lions are a pride. A single lion is a shame.
  15. 2% of cocoons turn back into caterpillars and have to try again.
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