How to Go Suck a Lemon (31 Steps)

Here's what you have to do.

  1. Go onto a search engine.
  2. Look up where the nearest grocery store is.

  3. Put on appropriate clothing for the weather.
  4. Open your door.
  5. Leave your house, apartment, or other location.
  6. Shut your door.
  7. Lock it.
  8. Walk to the nearest grocery store.
  9. Go to the produce section.
  10. Find the lemons.
  11. Pick out a lemon that you think looks nice.
  12. Take a plastic bag out from where they keep the plastic bags.
  13. Store the lemon inside of the bag, to keep it safe.
  14. Go to the checkout.
  15. If you have a coupon, use it now.
  16. Pay for the lemon using a method of your choice.
  17. Put the lemon in the plastic bag inside of a larger paper bag.
  18. Go back to your home or apartment.
  19. Unlock and open the door.
  20. Head inside.
  21. Close the door.
  22. Take the lemon in the plastic bag out of the paper bag.
  23. Take the lemon out of the plastic bag.
  24. Take out a small knife that you can use to slice lemons.
  25. Slice the lemon into quarters.
  26. Take one of the quarters and put it in your mouth.
  27. Bite down on the lemon.
  28. Attempt to drink the lemon juice that comes out.
  29. Make a funny face.
  30. Have surrounding people laugh at you, if they are present.
  31. Congratulations, you have sucked a lemon!


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